How Your Attachment Style Can Impact Your Professional Life

By Diana Garber JD, LCSW

I am trained in attachment theory and with my clients, I often talk about different attachment styles including how they formed, what they mean and how they impact us, especially in our professional life. The New York Times (if you read this blog, you know I often link to the NYT) recently published an article that talks specifically about how these attachment styles influence our approach and our blindspots at work.

There are 4 attachment styles and the article talks about each one and gives examples of pitfalls people face. The question is once we recognize our attachment styles and how they shape our responses to others, what do we do? Attachment styles can be tweaked over time. Understanding your attachment style, allows one to form new ways to respond to others. Once we learn where our blindspots are, we can form tools to allow us to minimize the impact.

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