I currently run the metal health program for Cystic Fibrosis patients at the University of California, San Francisco. I work with adult patents on how to determine what they want professionally and personally despite living with a chronic illness.

I have helped chronically ill clients:

  • Determine professional goals while balancing medical treatments and periods of illness
  • Determine whether and who to allow in your “inner circle” and trust with your diagnosis
  • Explore what dating, relationships and marriage look like while you are living with an illness
  • Cope with feelings of depression and anxiety which are exacerbated by chronic illness
  • Deal with health changes and new limitations
  • Process setbacks
  • Figure out if/how having a child plays into your future
  • Cope with feelings of “burdening” those close to you
  • Talk about these issues with significant others and family members
  • Celebrate accomplishments