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It is Ok to Admit you Failed

Failing at work is inevitable. More importantly, it is incredibly hard admit it.  Most people feel shame, have negative thoughts and then want to leave the building and never come back. Learning to handle failure, and more importantly, owning it and showing that you can overcome failure is one of the most important skills for a […]

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An Ode To My Cellphone: How Can I Miss You If You Were Never Really Gone

Before our baby was born, my husband and I did not discuss parenting styles, with one big exception: cellphones. My husband was adamant that cellphones would distract us from spending time with our daughter. I told him I agreed. Then the bullets started flying. In those early days of late night feeds, backwards circadian clocks and 3 a.m. glider parties, my cellphone became my lifeline. . .


How to Silence the Shoulds

By Diana Garber JD, LCSW As a mental heath therapist, I have many clients that are pulled by obligations and cannot silence the “shoulds” in their lives.  Many report that they often feel eclipsed by expectations and never get to focus on what they want or their own needs.  In my recent article for the San […]

Taking Time for Yourself

By Diana Garber JD, MSW   Taking time for yourself is often the hardest thing to do.  Often work, family and social obligations take top billing, leaving very little left for “me” time.  Although my blog post was written for a mother’s blog, this is an area that many of my clients struggle with and […]